Nomafab Car Haulers
At Noma Fab, the never-ending changes of the automotive industry always need to be addressed. We are often approached with unique tasks associated with the transport of vehicles that offer to be challenging with a "standard" transporter. Noma Fab welcomes such projects and has demonstrated "above standard" results in this field. Whether building new or modifying existing, we will always "rise to the occasion".
Boat Trailer Customization
Boat trailers offer their own set of issues simply by the nature of their application. At Noma Fab, the talented crew has repeatedly "tamed the beast" and has always found a way to meet the customer's needs, budget and convenience requirements. Whether it be a new build or meeting a budget on some repairs or maintenance, Noma Fab will provide you a safe, reliable and secure trip to the lake.
Specialty Cargo Trailers
Custom trailers are the "heartbeat" of Noma Fab. We have yet to be "beaten" by any challenge associated with vehicle transport in an enclosed trailer. This division will continue to offer its high quality talent while indulging in this sector for many years to come.
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