At Noma Fabrication, we are in the business of providing exceptional customer service and quality work. This is the place where imagination meets innovation. We are passionate about every project we take on. It gives us an opportunity to put our unique design and fabrication skills to the test. We have an absolute commitment to quality and excellence and it motivates us to be the leader in our industry.
Our 10,000 sq. ft. shop is fully equipped with state of the art fabrication tools and enables us to get the job done and get it done the right way the first time. Our website gives you an opportunity to expand on your ideas and the possibilities open to you. In our world, it comes down to one thing…If you can dream it…we can build it.
We provide services for, but are not limited to: the Studio Industry, Off-road Industry, Racing Industry, Ranching Industry, Construction, etc. Whether we’re outfitting a ten-ton studio truck for an upcoming motion picture shoot, modifying your race car or truck, ensuring a safe trip for your prize-winning horse, designing custom bed frames for your home, or fabricating custom deck brackets for your construction project, we focus on giving you exactly what you want, not what we THINK you want. At Noma Fabrication, we have the experience to build just about anything from the ground-up. You supply the dream and we supply the tools to complete your vision. So…


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